Why your customers left – and how to get them back

Why your customers left – and how to get them back

With the many varieties of same commodities  packaged differently in competition with each other and each of them  trying to catch the attention of the same people, businesses can’t afford to take nothing for granted. Having a good customer engagement culture is what sets you above the competition.

From customer service of telcos to sole proprietorship, small and medium scale companies can not in this fast paced era commit anything to chance. The irony however is that, many people do these days.

Not handling the complaint of a customer properly, doesn’t only have the tendency of you losing them, but dangerous when they leave dissatisfied as they share their experience with people they like and can trust who are likely not to patronize your service, based on their experience.

In this service environment, businesses must be aware of the fact that poor customer service can also have some serious psychological implications. I think the stress of having this type of frustration is something that most service providers do not take into consideration. Would you want to complicate the lives of your customer base or give them an amazing experience that improves the quality of their lives?

A few things to consider in delivering exceptional customer service.

1. When you remember that the survival of your business is dependent on your customers and are reminded each day that without them, you are not in business, then perhaps, this piece of information must spark up a different approach in handling them.

Always imagine that you have a magic wand that fixes the challenge of the customer, this would mean that you must mean what you say and honor your word when you give it. While customers remain loyal, its important for businesses to know that they can shift pretty quickly if they are not satisfied.

2. Do surveys regularly to ascertain the needs of your customers. To be ill prepared is a recipe for disaster. When complacency sets in during the delivery of service, note that will be the decline of your profits and eventually, collapse of your business.

3. Your customer is your money bag, they keep you in business, take care of them and they will take care of you. Be insensitive to their needs and they will find another that is more sensitive and empathetic. You can have repeat customers, those that will evangelize your product and help with your marketing.

4. Be consistent, remain loyal and improve your quality of service frequently. Complacency can be inimical. You want to watch that at every step of the customer engagement process and ensure that you are always giving your maximum and improving in service delivery.