When I was a child,my mum saved up and registered me in a section of the library council called the extension library. Here, I had the privilege of choosing 25 books of my choice and a time frame to read and return them.
Apart from the gift of life that she gave me, I am thankful for the great learning opportunity.
I am at least able to construct good sentences primarily because of her.

She has always had the desire to help as many l as possible read,and remains a passionate enthusiast of education so even in her retirement; she still manages a primary school because she feels the need to do more.
Each day, the 72 years old, travels from her home through three different towns to influence the lives of these children. She wants to give them the best education that she gave me and my siblings but can’t do it alone so she has asked me to ask you for help.

I celebrate her heroism and award her the best medal for active service to humanity and present her with the highest accolades there of.

Join me celebrate a tenacious, and amazing woman and support me with her foundation to provide educational assistance for children. She needs educational and story books, play toys, teaching aids to support as many kids beginning with her current school.

If you are keen on making impact with her, and helping her with her legacy,please email her via mmbfndation@gmail.com.