I remember the inspirational efforts of Benin state native in Nigeria, Osaji and the impact he is making single handedly with his Godsent foundation to solve the challenge of every day people. Helping pregnant women get off the streets, paying for the fees of brilliant students to go to school, setting up hard working people on the streets to be more self sustaining and many others. His actions inspire me and his efforts and his use of social media to get help is even awesome.

My heart missed a beat when I was shown images of the Dixcove Methodist Basic School in the Western region of Ghana that is currently a death trap and serves as shelter for many children who are the next generation of Ghana.

So while this is a concern that government should really consider and have it fixed immediately, it as equally a concern of the natives. Today, I want us to look outside of government and see how we can rally support to save this school.

Chances are that, there are many natives of Dixcove living abroad or in the city centers with enough connections to  raise an appreciable amount of money to restore the school and champion many other development in the area.

I see that there is enough earth there and I know a company called Hive Earth that can transform that school and build an eco friendly habitat that would be a great learning environment for these kids. The cost of construction is far cheaper than everyday materials, but much sustainable and would serve the purpose.

So let’s not go to the government, let me challenge each of you reading this today to call a friend to call another friend, let’s rally efforts and save those children. Let’s not wait until its too late.  When Samuel Kojo Brace did the needful and brought this to the worlds attention, I expected observers from his wall who read the post to all start asking the most fundamental question.

So how do we help fix this challenge, how can we rally resources to fix this. Talk is cheap and if we must speak, at least let’s make it count for something. Talking constructively about it and finding ways to fix the challenge is a sure way of addressing the matter.  Now wait, stop, pause and let’s take action. Its all within our reach, we can fix this. Join the #mifridixcove campaign and let’s drive change and development into this area.