Child spotted on the beach at Kokrobite in Accra. Photo credits by Paa Kwesi Inkumsah

Every where in the world, beaches have being a great point of escape for a great holiday to relax, de stress and be in tune with nature.

For me, some of the most amazing experiences have been on the beach. Spending time there and getting up early with my camera to walk a few stretch of sea sand with the coolness of the water massaging my feet and caressing them gently as if knowing what I need is just so refreshing. Capturing the early morning sun rise and again the sun set is an amazing and breath taking experience.

While I have had the best moments of my life on the beach, they have being clean and without the thought of the inhabitants putting filth into the ocean because they respect her. Its very shocking and difficult for people I know outside of Ghana to comprehend that some of the beaches in Ghana are dirty, with a few clean ones. They can’t understand it because it still doesn’t make sense even to me. But I have a perspective of it, same reason why the city center is dirty, the lack of maintenance of our parks and the very poor culture of maintenance generally.

Sitting at the Koral Resort in grand Bassam in Ivory Coast is always full of fond memories, because the most amazing experience I had was having breakfast at the beach and enjoying the view of a clean beach. I enjoy having breakfast in a few favorite places in Ghana, key to which is Big Milly’s backyard, awesome place, great people, nice vibe but still work in progress regarding the coast line. It doesn’t matter how many times you cleaned the coast, every other day, it appears that it found it self with many more trash.

If nature every day teaches man the fundamental lessons of cleanliness by rejecting the filth that we put in our water bodies, I wonder when humanity can understand this principle.

Yes, quite ridiculous that people empty trash in the sea and openly defecate there. While I have struggled many years understanding this, I realized that it was attitudinal. How else can I explain this. So first of all, we must deal with cleaning up the mindset and our beaches will be clean. This doesn’t only refer to the beaches but the surroundings. So frankly, the issue of sanitation is not solely the responsibility of the government. 50% of the effort must come from its citizens and I think that Ghanaians can do a much better job maintaining the coast line.

Ghana is a great country, its people very friendly and accommodating but have attitude that stink just as the stench we create. Let’s clean up the mess and maintain some sanctity.