Every time I think about this individual, I have a good laugh, then I pause and pay attention. Please note, that views I share here are my own opinions and not any one’s.

Meeting him in Hackney and I won’t forget how  he sold to me his coz of money video for 20pounds, but I liked the engagement and I remember his words ” Oh boss, so you want change from this cd wey go make you laugh saa” Literally meaning “Oh boss, so you want change from purchasing this hilarious cd that would bring you a lot of laughter?” He is a happy go lucky fun person who lives life as it comes, in the moment and this is something that most of us can’t just do because of the circumstances we have allowed ourselves in.

Standards set by religion, culture, norms and values that limits not only our creativity sometimes, but also puts us in a box and prevents us from being very expressive.

I think that he has realized that one thing that most people in Ghana know  how to do best is first to judge, criticize without making the necessary observations to actually understand why a person says what they say.

Over the period, I have admired how he has advocated for an eco friendly environment and talked about issues of sexuality with his careful use of the word gay when he said sometime ago via his twitter handle, “I am gay”  I think that people stopped in their tracks and started doing what they were good at ,ie  judge the man.

Any way, what if he was? Isn’t that his preference? and when did we become the Lords of other humans? But, that is not what I gathered of him, I don’t think he is in a same sex relationship, his very interesting song that has sparked a lot of controversy and back lash says it all.

Well, I think that he was very clever to use this in two ways, to first bring our minds back to the original meaning of the word gay which means happy, a word that most people use now to represent a sexual orientation. I think that he used the opportunity also to address homophobia which was very clever.

Let’s think about his fashion sense a bit, shall we?

When I am home, I often walk around bare chested in a wrap and usually barefooted too because I like to feel the ground massage my feet. There are a lot of healing capabilities doing this and although most of Wanlov’s lifestyle comes to us as strange, I think that if we are doing a survey on the most happiest people on earth, his name should come up. This is why, with out any inhibitions and giving a hoot what society thinks, he has the freedom to do what he wants to do, when he wants to do it and how he does it, and pays no attention to how society analyzes it. Truth be told, the man doesn’t care and frankly, why should he?

Chances are that this man has the ability to live longer and healthier than most of us because of the lifestyle he lives, not imprisoned by the people around him, but expressive to be in tune with his core self. For most people that are religious and believe that we when we die, we go to heaven, this is for you. I think that he would have one of the best places reserved for him because of his lack of hypocrisy, his level of honesty and staying true to himself.

Kid you not, every Sunday, most people who go on the rostrum and shout the name of God and its amazing what they do when no one is watching. Who amongst the two is dangerous? Again, I would live you to draw your own conclusions.

So to live a happy and fulfilled life, pick a thing or two from this man, don’t be a fake, be an original, live your life based on your values and conscience, feel free to be you as long as it doesn’t destroy the quality of life of another and by all means, do something awesome every day to add to the good of this earth.