Back Packing For The Tropics

Been on the road is thrilling, fun and full of adventure especially if you don’t have a plan and have to go with the flow. I am not suggesting you should not have a plan but just the excitement of that experience, not knowing what tomorrow will bring. Well, I had a plan for my trip and would suggest you have some kind of structure too. These tips may work for most people and perhaps not all, so here we go.

  1. Get a back pack
    If your intention is adventure, a suitcase may be a big set back as you would have to carry it along everywhere you go and it may not be very convenient and comfortable. A back pack offers you that flexibility and the various compartments, gives you many ideas of what to pack and where to place them. A light but durable carrier would go a long way  taking into consideration that airlines allows only 23kg per carrier, the lighter your bag, the better.
  1. What to pack
    a. Travel Kit
    This would be the first for me because waking up from no where and not been able to at least brush your teeth or have wipes to clean your face can be a nightmare.
    These are a few essentials I would recommend, toothbrush,toothpaste,mouthwash, deodorant,shampoo and conditioner and  raw sheabutter.  Sheabutter has many uses, it doubles also as your lip balm and helps restore your skin.
  2. Clothing
    Traveling to the tropics from a temperate zone  and one must realize that it can be very humid, so pack light clothing. Cotton and linen would be my two most preferred fabrics. I would suggest 7 sleeveless tops and 4 sleeved shirts, a complete set of underwear, one for each day of the week and three loose pants, the type that has a rope inside the waist. I personally prefer these because they allow for free ventilation. Having a thick double pack military kind of shorts can go a long way for the sunny days. 

4. Footwear

     I would recommend any trainers with gum like base and a solid grip. The gum seem to have some component that deflects or reduces the amount of dust on your footwear. Let me also include that rugged sandals can come in very handy as well. You can use it when its pretty hot and when at the beach

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