My Favorite Destinations In Ghana

Accra’s Osikan Beach

Primarily because its hidden within the city, get to the rocky getaway and it’s a nice escape from the city’s hustle and bustle. There is a lodge there and if you are a meat lover, they make some kebabs and many assorted drinks of your choice. Well, even a vegetarian can smell a tasty meal made from meat. For me, the most amazing moment is enjoying the ocean breeze. Osikan doesn’t only have a view but also unique because of it’s budget accommodation. They only have six rooms, so you may have to look at alternative lodging if you are in central Accra.

Watching The Sunrise From Kakum Canopy Walkway

The Kakum canopy walkway in the morning is great. You can hear a choir of birds singing. A walk to the third platform and waiting for the sunrise around 6am prompt is a meditational moment you don’t want to miss.

Baobab House, Cape Coast

Located in the center of the tourist hub in Cape Coast, Baobab house is first noted for its vegan recipes, eco friendly lodges and earthy products. When you find your way there, try my favourite drink. Ginger and Moringa and the Soya Khebab. If you have some time and want to experience night life in Cape Coast, you may want to book their accommodation and if room 4 is available, don’t miss it. It’s the room with a view, room 5 too.

Escape Three Points, Western 

If you are traveling from Accra, it’s a smooth straight road until you get to the Western region where you begin your entry via a dusty road. If you are in an air-conditioned bus, that shouldn’t be a problem. However, if you are in a trotro, you may want to consider it as a jungle adventure. Take a photo after the sunbath. 

The journey however is all worth it once you get there. The beautiful coastline from the lighthouse is totally blissful. One of the most amazing sunrise and sunset I have taken anywhere in the country was from here. There are a few lodges, but my favorite is the eco haven called Escape3Points, which reminds me of my forest hide out somewhere on the globe.  The people, food and experience is awesome and a great place to meet some new friends. I like to eat healthy and can guarantee organic food lives here. 

Ahanta Waves, Western

 Hidden in Busua is the afrocentric eco lodge , nice hideaway to escape from the craziness in the city with a world class chef who makes awesome meals. The dining area is set to make people bond and commune with nice sitting areas carefully designed to give you a heavenly experience. You can get your feet wet by walking through the little stream and you will be at the beach and can enjoy the breeze.

Green Ranch Lake Bosomtwe

If you are looking for a hideaway that offers both mountain and waterfront and tops the icing on the cake with great organic vegetarian cuisine, made with a lot of love and care, then you have found my favorite place too. Many things make  this place stand out for me. First of all its the view on the terrace. Having breakfast with this view is paradise on earth and enjoying the afternoon by the private lake side either reading, swimming or kayaking is simply heaven. Hiking around the community is an activity worth taking and climaxing your stay with a horse tour is a delight you don’t want to miss. 

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