A Cascading Water Falls, Douglas.

This 70-foot waterfall cascades across an overhanging cliff, creating a rare treat of walking behind the ribbon falls. While the water flow is usually on the low side (except after a big rain like photo above), it’s a beautiful setting and an easy hike in the Big Ivy area of the Pisgah National Forest about 33 miles from downtown Asheville in northern Buncombe County. 

The last 9 miles is winding super scenic drive through the forest with 10 roadside cascades along the way, including the Walker Falls.

From ranger road, the trip to the falls is about a 20 minutes ride with a few unique waterfalls on the way up. The Douglas Falls trail is a short and enjoyable one until you reach the fall.

Walker Falls

The adventure got interesting for me with the fallen of a big tree on the trail, hopefully, its not there the next time. 

One distinct feature you would find while on the trail to the falls is a huge tree that I noticed from 3years ago, uprooted with the earth, pebbles, stones and roots all showing.

Douglas Falls with Friends

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