Ghana, The Land of Golden Smiles

Describing Ghana has always come for me with two words, the land of golden smiles. While Ghana has been known to be the gold coast for many years, I think that she has built a good reputation for herself as a hospitable and affable country.

Priceless Ghanaian Smiles

In my travels around the world, I have tried very hard to find a country to compare the free spirited nature of my people. Indisputably, Ghana remains for me the happiest country in the world. Happiness for me is been able to live and experience bliss in the mist of your worst adversity and the people of Ghana have proven to do this better than most people I have come across.

Ghana Tourism’s Pride of Promoting Ghana

I miss you Ghana, because apart from the many languages that are spoken, you also represent the many variety of food that I haven’t found in most places. My taste buds is usually wet, each time I think about the delectable cuisines in the motherland. Don’t get me wrong, I have enjoyed many other places in the world and their uniqueness, but one thing stands outs about Ghana as I get to know more of the world and its in her people.

For any one thinking of a holiday destination, this is a country that has the sun most time of year and the party is on, almost everyday of the week. Ghana’s open bars and restaurants and fun places gives you many choices. Getting on the local transport system called “trotro” is one of the cool ways to connect with the people and strike some happy fun conversations.

A taste of vintage Ghana

In the mist of our world changing and becoming different, the Ghanaian remains resilient, determined, continues to thrive and any day maintains that glow in a smile. Let’s go to Ghana, experience her warmth, vibrant colors and eat all her food and chocolates and enjoy all of her scenes !

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