Washington’s Art and Architecture.

My time in Washington has always been brief, but also always given me an opportunity to visit and have a taste of an aspect of the city. I am not one that does the usual tours, I mostly find attractions in the most unlikely places and today for me was admiring as usual, art and architecture.

Traveling across Europe, I had documented many of such edifices and have always been intrigued by the L shaped front view of the buildings I saw in Washington.

Washington has a great fusion of old and new, a careful marriage of tradition and a blend of cosmopolitan finesse which makes it a unique experience if you can find the time.

Traveling around any city for me is not going by the regular route of using a map. I think its more fun when you are curious and lost and have to figure it all out using your intuition.

And oh, I am still in Washington and don’t have any intentions of visiting China in the short to medium term. Enjoy the colors.

Van Ness Train Platform

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