About Me


If we have met, I am that which you’ve experienced of me. If we are yet to meet, I am a few things all bundled up to form this piece. I was born in Ghana, the land of gold and smiles located on the West Coast of Africa.

My life as a minimalist and forest dweller has opened me up to many aspects of nature’s knowledge.

I am a receptacle and an ancestral storyteller who tells stories through videos and photos, called in this time to share with the world, the deep messages of Mother Earth and lead Earth’s people through participation, to explore the healing abilities of Mother Earth and also plan voyages to my homeland to give them ancestral experiences.

I self-published my first book Think, Believe, Become, a simple book of quotes to inspire anyone on their journey through life to make it easier. I have a few yet to be published.

I would like to engage with you, break bread, or better still, share some stories of where we have walked on this earth. Until then, let’s all remain good stewards of the land that takes care of us.

Peace, Love, Light, Bliss, and Wellness to You and Yours!