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If we have met, I am that which you’ve experienced of me. If we are yet to meet,I am a few things all bundled up to form this beautiful piece. I love to speak and get my aha moment each time I have the opportunity to share on stage either in a corporate setting or a personal development platform. I love to write too and self published my first book Think, Believe, Become, a simple book of quotes to inspire any one to keep journeying within this space and time. I had gone on to write another to inspire entrepreneurs which will soon be out for grabs..

I have seen design and patterns in the tiny air spaces, the symmetry on tree stems and practically design in every thing. Growing up as a child, I loved to draw, it was primarily my hobby and for a very long time. Since the inception of mobile technology, I have explored another form of art in photography and began capturing sun rise and sunsets and the horizon, only for the thrill of it, but all that was about to change.

 Traveling through time and space has wet my appetite for difference nature sceneries. I describe the world that I live in via my lens.  I love rain forests and adrenaline rush adventures. Most of my travels has taken me to the very deep of forests from which I have discovered the most amazing life forms which I share with the world via my website.