About Me


If we’ve crossed paths, I am the living essence of our encounter pleasant or unpleasant. If our meeting is yet to unfold, I am a tapestry woven from diverse experiences waiting to be unveiled. Hailing from the land of gold and smiles on the West Coast of Africa—Ghana, I carry the spirit of a globe-trotter, having called many places home across Africa, Asia, the Middle East, Europe, and North and South America.

Speaking is my forte, and whenever the stage is set—be it in a corporate arena or a personal platform—I transform passion into action. Writing is my first love, culminating in the self-publishing of my debut book in 2015, “Think, Believe, Become,” a collection of inspirational quotes shaping journeys through space and time. Another creation, aimed at inspiring entrepreneurs, is soon to grace the shelves.

My transition from corporate life to conservationism led me to produce two captivating photo books: “Ghana Via My Lens” and “Memoirs of the Appalachia.” I perceive design and patterns in the minutiae, finding symmetry in tree stems and crafting art in everything. Drawing was my childhood passion, and with the advent of mobile technology, I discovered a new artistic outlet—photography, capturing the essence of nature in every frame.

Today, I am a conduit for nature’s wisdom, called upon to share the profound messages of Mother Earth with the world. My journey through time and space has evolved significantly, guiding me to be an ambassador of the earth and narrate the rich stories of my ancestry in various forms.

When our paths cross, let’s break bread and exchange tales of our earthly sojourns. Until then, let’s collectively uphold our role as stewards of the land. Join me on this extraordinary expedition, where every step unveils a new chapter of our shared existence.

Peace, Love, Light and Bliss to You and Yours!