Ghana Diaspora Homecoming Summit

The three day informative, captivating and thrilling event which commenced on the 5th of July and ended on the 8th brought Ghanaians both home and abroad to discuss development, opportunities and value creation.

The summit engaged the diaspora to focus on the present economic agenda of the country with the various trade and foreign ministries as well as the private sector having key role in the panel discussions.

Perhaps one of the most and key highlights of the conference was the presentation made by the deputy minister of trade and industries Mr. Ahomka Lindsey who stated that people must stop whining and be part of the solution as it would take a collective effort to build the country.

I used the opportunity to promote my business networking piece Kasabiz popularly branded with the letter K to introduce participants to the platform and used the opportunity to explain to curious participants the meaning of the letter K as well as the main purpose of the business. The networking creates a great platform to help businesses and startups learn from each other and foster growth.

The role of the private trade support institutions such as my initiative, can not be left out in the life of the returnee to integrate and build any business. Preparation, both mentally and physically is key and I don’t  only ensure this through coaching sections, but assists potential business owners with the business processes key to which is new market entry and business development and helps to monitor startup growth and development while coaching the returnee to understand the psychology of the new business environment.

Africa is ready, Ghana prepared, lets engage!