Canopy of the Pisgah Forest

Our lives keep forming, changing and gets better when we pay attention. For me, it was a new awakening in consciousness and to learn directly from source. To describe source is to also talk about human's livelihood and our co dependence on aqua, flora, fauna, sky, air, fire. It was to be educated by all of these elements, it was time to pay attention to learn that which existed many years ago and still is.

There is a very thin veil here in this forest, over here, many things are clear, there are little or no distractions. Its surreal, total bliss and what I will also describe as serendipity for want of a better word. The humming of the bees, the watching of the butterflies as they  sucked nectar from flowers and played in the grass. Black shiny snakes taking naps and the sight of bears breaking tree branches for foliage has been a blessing to experience. 

For sure, we are here to learn and experience nature's wonder, but we must first pay attention. There is a lot of things I want to share with you, so many things I want to tell you about this life transforming encounter living in the Pisgah and following this curriculum of study. Perhaps, I will be able to find the exact words to describe it some day, but for now, it's the experience of what I call the enchantment of this world. It's the paradise that has been talked about in many ancient books, the amazing world of fairytales, gnomes and three and five dimensional beings. 

Yes I know and I hope I didn't freak you out already? lol we are not alone in this space and time, over here on earth, we have many other beings living here with us, watching our journey, learning from it as we do same. From all of the experiences that I have gathered, I realized how so little we know when we uncover some truths. It's also natural to be in this state of frenzy when we find something new and share with others our kind who are yet to experience this. 

One of the most amazing experiences that changed my life is my barefoot life, it got me grounded, to be one with the earth and all of her healing properties. Personally, I had received healing in so many ways, but the most obvious was one on the left side of my neck.

My friend and I talked about a fat deposit, a little lump that doctors said was nothing as long as it didn't hurt. My friend had suggested I spoke to some healers who had some kind of expertise to help. Well, I wasn't inclined to it and was directed to stay the path and walk the earth, each day brought a new joy, I literally could feel the communication that went on underneath my feet, the trigger it made, the excitement it brought me and the complete total joy I received.

What I didn't know was that each of these experiences walking in the creek, bathing in her soothing waters and walking the forest naked was healing me in so many ways. Yes, so many times, I have gone deep in the forest and had my half an hour or hour rest purely naked and only soaking in the energies of the trees and the earth. Each of these experiences did something very profound to me, it liberated me, brought me totally bliss and freedom. It revealed me to me as I listened more to this inner voice that became stronger and stronger each day. The physical manifestation and evidence is something I will share with you in a few days to come.