Are You In Transition?

Many of those who find their way experiencing a shift in life’s path is in some form of transition. 

It may be related to relationships, health, career, or simply a major inner shift. While there is a place for a conventional Western psychological approach, it is often limited, not including the spiritual or even physical dimensions, or a multicultural perspective. I invite you to be opened to a unique perspective on guidance that includes both Western European, metaphysical, and African wisdom. 

My focus is on helping you to look at where you are in life, where you want to go, and how to get there using the law of attraction. Paa is available for in-person sessions at the Sanctuary as well as phone, email, and Zoom sessions.

I also share a unique experience of guiding you through mother nature and allowing her to offer you different wellness modalities as you surrender in her presence.

All of my offerings are via using the love economy (donations) basis and Zoom sessions by prior arrangements.