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My work is inspired by nature and indigenous knowledge.

 Aa-ya-lo-lo is a Ga word from the Greater Accra region of Ghana which means to be resilient, persistent, never giving up and keep moving forward regardless of the many pitfalls. It also tells  the message of getting up, dusting yourself and continuing the journey regardless of how many times you fall. The shape in red is the map of Accra.

My ancestors reminds us to be great, charismatic and lead. They also taught us to be courageous and be men and women of valor. We are reminded each day to help one another, by all means strive to be affluent but be humbled by that which we are gifted with.It behoves on us to eschew jealousy and envy in all we do  and to honor the divinity of mother earth.

We are reminded in all we do to acknowledge the divine presence that created all things and to note that we can do all things with the help of the divine. My other shirt collection educates us on that.

 The book is Ghana via my lens. In this book, I have captured Ghana as I saw it for anyone that seeks to visit. I traveled to different places in Ghana, visited five of Ghana’s seven lighthouses, four of her rainforests and several forts and castles to mention a few. In this book, I have given a photo evidence of my travels which I share with you. In my gallery, I have shared a few images to give you a taste of the content. My special socks collection that preaches originality and walking our path with pride will soon be available for sale.

If you desire any of my products, please send me a mail via my contact page with subject: t-shirt or book and let’s engage. I would love to know you personally. My t-shirt sale, also helps to support rural development in Ghana. Please visit my project page to know more. 

Beauty and Fertility $25

Perseverance $25

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Humility,Cooperation,God Supreme,Valor,Greatness,Wisdom,Mother Earth, Beauty $25

Charisma and Leadership $25

Beauty and Fertility $25

Humility,Cooperation,God Supreme,Valor,Greatness,Wisdom,Mother Earth, Beauty $25

Charisma and Leadereship $25

Valor and Brevity $25