Life As A Minimalist

Minimalism is countercultural. It is contrary to every advertisement we have ever seen because we live in a society that prides itself on the accumulation of possessions.

But there is more joy to be found in minimalist living than can be found in pursuing more.

It is practicing the concept of less is more. It is prioritizing needs, rather than wants, for me, it’s focusing on the very essentials of life and less on the mundane of things.

It means having a dual purpose for most things, for instance, my sitting space, also stores my clothes.

Quite recently, I adopted another fashion sense after getting myself some black gothic loose Japanese-styled pants. I noticed how free and comfortable it is, I got another pair and so these two pairs are mostly my everyday wear with some tees and a windbreak jacket for windy days.

Think about all the possessions we have and how much of the stuff we keep collecting, we actually use and you would realize that it’s just a few of them. The rest is so we can bless and impact the lives of others.

Living a life of less is more is also a way to practice non-attachments

1. Spend Less.

Choosing to accumulate only the essentials often results in financial freedom. Spending less on things you don’t really need will cut your financial expenses and increase your savings.

2. Less Stress.

A minimalist home is significantly less stressful. Being able to freely move around and enjoy your home is a huge weight off your shoulders.

3. Easier to Clean.

The fewer things in our home, the fewer things there are to clean. This makes cleaning a significantly easier chore.

4. More Freedom.

The sense of freedom that comes from minimalism is truly refreshing. You will no longer feel tied to the material possessions in your home and you’ll feel a new sense of independence.

5. Good for the Environment.

The less we consume and buy, the less damage we do to the environment. 

6. Be More Productive.

Our possessions consume our time more than we realize.

 7. Support Other Causes.

Money is only as valuable as what we choose to spend it on.

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