GreenWood, The Black Wall Street

When I think of wall street, I think of money, commerce, productivity, increase and all the other words that I may be missing. I remember many times in New York on Wall Street, I have seen the hustle and bustle of men and women in suits getting out of trains, catching cabs and hitting those elevators.

Once upon a time in the history of Tulsa Oklahoma, Black people built something incredible too. I can imagine the many blocks of black businesses and how busy a regular Monday morning would be with some folks opening their industries to business and the many other side hustles.

For a long time, black people have been and continue to be the backbone to growth and development in America.

While they thrived in commerce and increased the spirit of Ubuntu to create more industries, their success wasn’t welcomed by other natives of Tulsa who rose up and massacred over 3,000 people, hence destroying many years of hard word.

I walked the streets of Greenwood and watched what is left of it, with rents going up and a few black businesses on the block, I wonder what compensation is given especially now to those that must remain on the streets so they can thrive. As the economic landscape of Greenwood changes, will it support many black businesses, if not, will it augment history? Well, these are questions I think about, hopefully, the black community in Tulsa, inspired by what their predecessors did, will be encouraged and motivated to keep the legacy. The time to build is now, the moment to find ways to remain even more relevant is now and It is my dream that there is more growth in the area.

Just around the start of the 20th century Ottawa W. Gurley(Founder of Black Wall Street), a wealthy African American land-owner from Arkansas, traversed the United States to participate in the Oklahoma Land run of 1889. The young entrepreneur had just resigned from a presidential appointment under president Grover Cleveland in order to strike out on his own.

I wish to see that day when Black power in its glory will shine and all of black people will unite as one to create a power house of pride, wealth and joy.

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